Friday, December 2, 2011

A graduate of Fashion and Textile Design at NABA
 Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti of Milano

her final project :
My collection shows the two personalities of the same outfit, one a hostile and complex geometrical city representing urbanization and static routine and the other in a natural and free landscape which represents escapism.”

A collaborated with Carolina Amoretti.

NABA Fashion - Home, The Third Skin I

NABA Fashion - Home, The Third Skin II

Ashy Blue on White is quite nice.

Model : Nick Yardley 
Photographer : Liz Ham 
Styling : Jolyon Mason 
Magazine : first issue of Manuscript.

Ummmmm, how about ashy blue? i like all white rather than all black! if dye this ashy blue, seems quite match my style!!! also very nice to match with earth tone colors!!!

Colorful Winter, Colorful Hair.

Model : Thomas Penfound 
Photographer : Stefan Zschernitz 
Styling : Santi Rodriguez 
Magazine : Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Metal

These shots make me wanna dye my hair like him!!!!! OMG, should i do that???? i love orange on blond blond blond!!!! if i have this hair dye, then i have to buy many colorful outers for my winter. hey, lets get colorful!!!!