Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat, Necklace, Harness : OS Accessory
Shear Chiffon Top : Handmade
Green Chiffon Shirt : ASOS
Net Inner : H&M
Stripes Cropped Pants : H&M
Socks : Topman
Creepers : Underground
Two-tone Tote Bag : Marni at H&M

Detail Shots of the Outfit:

OS Accessory Mix

Green and White Tone Color and Material Mix

Look of The Day.

Linen Hat : No Brand
Mesh Blazer : Katie Judith
Knit Vest : H&M
Linen Shorts : MUJI
Giraffe Pattern Socks : Topman
Leather Shoes : ZARA
Linen Net Bag : 45R
Necklaces : H&M

Detail Shots of the Outfit:

Necklaces on Knit Vest

Safari Color Combination and Material Mix

Knit Vest

Linen Shorts and Leopard Scarf

Giraffe Socks and Leather Shoes

Linen Hat and Linen Net Bag