Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets Have Fun in The Wonderland.

Dress Like A Man 
Fall/Winter 2012

Colorful and Playful Designs are always my favorite!!!! This collection by Dress Like A Man is definitely my love!!!!

The knitted items are just so delicate and adorable!!!! Especially those pants that made with different colors and different kinds of yarn. I also love the fancy pattern crash with colorful knits. although there is no special cutting in the collection, the patterns and colors are the main focus and good enough to represent the style!!!!

Elongate Your Top.

Fall/Winter 2012 

Short Top, Yes! Tunic, Yes Yes! Knee-Length Tunic, Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

can you notice that the length of mens top is kept elongating from waist to knee?? over-sized top and shirt is hot for man now!!! gogogo longer!!!!!!

Country Boy Next Door.


Fall/Winter 2012

Do you like vintage country style?? if you like that, you have to have a look of this brand. Vintage earth tone colors, Old Highland checks, Cork fake prints and Cork Accessories, are they your favorite?

To me, i am not quite interested in this collection because the color combinations and the checks patterns are not suitable for everyone and not easy to carry. Sometimes, they may make you look older than you are. Well, the cutting of this collection is normal and in a mescaline way, very menswear collection. what get my attention is the cork eyewear!!! it is lovely but still, hard to carry!!! hahahah

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Second Skin of Men.

Fall/Winter 2012.

See-through items are no longer new in menswear collection. Lace, Mesh and many kinds of see-through fabrics are used from SS12 in menswear. Although we are familiar with see-through items, still they are loosely fit and in a mescaline way.

See-through Stockings and Top with Stocking materials will be on trend in the FW12 in menswear. Men, are you ready to have your second tight skin on? do you think they are sexy?? hahah. Besides, Round-shaped eyewears are very popular in fashion, you can see many kinds of vintage style eyewears appear in the collection. lets get several of them for your fashion mix and match!!

Awesome Styling.

The Classics

Model : Christian Brylle 
Photographer : Mario Sorrenti 
Styling : Robbie Spencer 
Magazine : Vogue Hommes International.

The Sweater

The White Shirt

The Coat

The Denim

The Highlander

The Blazer

The Trench Coat

The Three-Quarter Coat

This editorial is really stunning, it is all about MIX AND MATCH with the basic and classic items that you must have in your wardrobe. Do you have them in yours?

1. sweater
2. white shirt
3. fur coat
4. denim
5. checks item
6. blazer
7. trench coat
9. quilted jacket

if you have all the above items in your wardrobe, then you can be a fashionista!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Look of The Day.

Wool Bob Hat : H&M
Quilted Jacket : H&M
Mesh Blazer : Katie Judith
Net Shirt : Initial
Irregular Skirt : Initial
Creepers : TUK
Two-Tone Clutch : Katie Judith
Beads Necklace : H&M

Friday, January 27, 2012

Look of The Day.

Wool Hat : Zara
Two-tone Wool Coat : Katie Judith
White Shirt : Izzue
Lace Cropped Top : H&M
Scarf as Waistband
Maxi Skirt : Initial
Creepers : TUK
Leather Chiffon Clutch : Handmade

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look of The Day.

Military Leather Jacket : Izzue Collection
Fur Vest Coat : Katie Judith
Red PU Top : Katie Judith
White Shirt : Izzue
Tunic Dress Inner : Chapel
PU Denim Leggings : Katie Judith
Yellow Creeper : Underground
SunGlasses : Super
Necklace Monki
Two-Tone Clutch : Katie Judith

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look of The Day.

Knitted Hat : HARE
Ball Ball Scarf : Hyoma
Orange Down Jacket : Chocoolate:
Vintage Mickey Sweater : 2nd-hand Store
Wool Shirt : Uniqlo
Knitted Pattern Skirt : H&M
Skinny Jeans : Cheap Monday
Leopard Sneaker : Homen
X-10 Camera : Fujiflim

Desert Flower. It Touches Me.

Desert Flower (2009)

Stars: Liya Kebede, Sally Hawkins and Craig Parkinson

 From the Novel by Waris Dirie :

The Fashion Shots of Waris Dirie :

The Magazine Covers of Liya Kebede :

H&M campaign images of Holiday 2010 collection : Liya Kebede & Waris Dirie.


well, holidays are good for movie watching as i don't have many gathering with my relatives. so i randomly picked a movie from PPS and kill time. Fortunately, i picked a good movie and it is a very meaningful one!


It's called "Desert Flower", firstly i was thinking about this is just a story about the African nomadic life, ummmm, so so. but when the story goes on, Waris which stared by Liya was begging on street, and she found her helping hand, Marylin, to let her stay at her home for one night. Marylin was dislike her at first but she found that Waris is good to her so she introduce Waris to work in a fast food shop as clean lady. This is the Moment that start changing her life. A famous photographer, Terry Donaldson, found that she has potential to be a model and gave Waris his name card.


At this scene, i knew that this movie is something about fashion or modeling, then i kept on watching!!! hahahaha. well i am not going to tell the whole story, but the main message that i got is, "You can stand out to fight for something for yourself, for the country, for your race, for the world, even you come from the place that no one knows." Waris turns her life to be a model, a member of United Nations to fight for the rights for Africa women and the world. Her speech really touches me and makes me cry.


This is a good movie, not because of the scenes are beautiful, actors or actresses are attractive, it is because the message behind is powerful and it touches me a lot!!!