Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Very First Feeling After : Fearness

La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In)

Writers: Pedro Almodóvar (screenplay),  

Agustín Almodóvar (collaboration), and 1 more credit 

Stars: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya and Jan Cornet

 Images of the Movie :

Antonio Banderas -
Robert Ledgard

Elena Anaya -
Vera Cruz

Jan Cornet - Vicente

It was a really nice movie!!!! although it was full of sex scenes, they are artistic and beautiful. i really love the story of it, it makes me feel insecure and fear after the ending. i have to use several mins to take a breathe, refreshing myself to a normal mode. i think that is the power of this movie, to make the audiences have a heart attack!!!! well, i am not going to tell your about the whole movie, you gotta watch it!! MUST WATCH!!!

The Scenes are really beautiful, i think the director gets the inspiration from many famous artists' painting and drawing. Therefore many shots are similar to those christian painting. i especially like the scene that Vera kills Robert and his mother Marilia. One is dead on bed pointing upward and the other is dead on floor pointing downward, it just like the painting "The Creation of Adam". OMG, i really love this movie!!!

Look of The Day

Bob Hat : H&M
Quilted Boxy Jacket : H&M
Sweater : Uniqlo
Checks Shirt : 5cm
Inner Tunic Dress : Chapel
Skirt : 2nd-hand Store
Creeper : TUK
Bowtie : From Korea

Look of The Daysss

Wool Hat : H&M
Burgundy Stripes Poncho : H&M
Cream Irregular Cardigan : Chapel
Denim Shirt : Initial
Sweater : Chocoolate:
Inner Tunic Dress : Chapel
Skinny Denim Jeans : Cheap Monday
Leopard Sneakers : Homen

Stripes Hat : H&M
Short Denim Jacket : H&M
Stripes Shirt : Initial
Stripes Sweater : Kapok
Stripes Pleated Skirt : Initial
Skinny cutout pants : H&M
Stripes Slip-on : Zara
Printed Clutch : DKNY

Look of The Day

Trench Coat : Initial
Maxi Two Tone Cardigan : Katie Judith
Turtleneck Inner : Uniqlo
Mesh Tee : ASOS
Linen Shorts : MUJI
PU Leggings : Katie Judith
Creepers : TUK
Sunglasses : ASOS
Leather Chiffon Clutch : Handmade

I am back, HAPPY CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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