Monday, December 12, 2011

The Beauty of the Floral Sea

Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2012 

by Erik Madigan Heck

The Best Fashion Graphic Design Brand in my Heart! and Stunning Photos by 

Erik Madigan Heck!

Ladies you can be Gentlemen.

The Karass

 presents The Karass featuring Edita in A/W 2011

 Kat Marks by Nick Knight

Other Collections by Kat Marks : 

Infunibulum: Amazing Brace 2008

Granfalloon 2010

Feather On and Nail Up.

Model : Cody Young 
Photographer : Sathoshi Saikusa
Makeup artist : Christelle Cocquet
Manicure : Huberte Cesarion
Magazine : S Moda

New Nail Polish Style!!!! i like the mountain tip nail!!!! i know how to make that!!!! Look Forward!!!

Dior Red.

Photographer : Jacob Coupe 
Styling : Damien Foxe 
Editioral :  “How To Spend It“, a feature from The Financial Times.

Keep On Colorful.

Models : Matthew Hitt, RJ King and William Eustace 
Photographer : Stefan Zschernitz 
Styling : Sarah Cobb 
Magazine : Common&Sense Man.

Trend Spot : 60's Colors combination, TurtleNeck Styling (Turtleneck inner under shirt and Turtleneck with blazer or V-neck sweater), Maxi Coat, Tuck-in Styling.