Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat : Marni at H&M
Blazer : 5cm
Washed Denim Shirt : H&M
Mesh Cape as Skirt : HYOMA
Polka Dot Pants : HYOMA
Pink Sneakers : Tiger
Box File Bag : MUJI

Detail Shots of The Outfit:

Polka Dot Pants under Mesh Cape

Grey Tailored Blazer

Mesh Cape

Polka Dot Pants

Pink Tiger with Colorful Stripes Socks

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat : ZARA
Jersey and Chiffon Vest : H&M
Net Sweater : H&M
Neon Yellow Tank : Katie Judith
Cutout Skinny Pants : H&M
Creepers : Underground
Two-tone tote as Clutch : Marni at H&M

Detail Shots of the Outfit:

Neon With White Net and Jersey


Cutout Skinny Pants

Jersey and Chiffon Vest

Neon Tank

Monday, March 19, 2012

Look of The Day.

Checks Hat : H&M
White Net Sweater : H&M
Mickey Sleeveless Tee : H&M
Orange Shorts : H&M
Stripes Slip-on : ZARA
Print Draw Strings Bag : H&M

Detail Shots of the Outfit:

Mickey under Net

Net Sweater, Mickey Tee,  Orange Shorts

White Net Sweater

Mickey Sleeveless Tee

Cute Cute Socks with Stripes Slip-on

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Look of The Day.

Wool Bob Hat : H&M
Two-tone Jacket : H&M
Mesh Blazer : Katie Judith
White Shirt : MUJI
Equestrian Scarf : Initial
Carrot Skinny Pants : ZARA
Derby Shoes : ASOS
Two-tone PVC tote : H&M x Marni

Detail Shots of the Outfit:

Equestrian Scarf on Mesh Blazer and White Shirt (Vintage)

Vintage Colors combination

Equestrian Scarf

Mesh Blazer

ASOS Derby Shoes

H&M wool Bob Hat and H&M x Marni two-tone tote

Cute Cute socks from Korea

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat : MiniCream
Ball Ball Scarf : Hyoma
Lace Baseball Jacket : Bauhaus
Skeleton Knit Sweater : Hyoma
Inner Tunic Dress : Chapel
Stripes Cropped Pants : H&M
Creepers : TUK
PVC Tote : Katie Judith

Details Shots of the Outfit:

Skeleton Knit Sweater

Ball Ball Scarf

Minicream Icon Hat and PVC Tote

Friday, March 16, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat : Marni x H&M
Puff Neck Quilted Jacket : Hyoma
Polka Dot Hand/Leg Warmer : Hyoma
Yellow Jersey Tunic : 2nd-hand Store
Pleated Checks Skirt : 2nd-hand Store
PU Leggings : Katie Judith
Patterned Socks and Platform Sandals : Hyoma
Two-Tone PVC Tote : Marni x H&M

Details Shots of the Outfit :

Marni x H&M hat + ASOS Sunglasses + Puff Neck

Neon Yellow Quilted Jacket + Yellow Tunic + Pleated Skirt

Polka Dot Hand/Leg Warmers

Marni x H&M Collection

Hyoma Pattern Socks

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Look of The Day.

Wool Bob Hat : H&M
Two-Tone Jacket : H&M
Stripes Sweater : Uniqlo
White Shirt : Izzue
Stripes Cropped Pants : H&M
Creepers : TUK

Detail Shots of the Outfit :

Two-Tone Jacket:

Stripes Sweater, Shirt Hem and Stripes Pants:

Triple Necklaces:

Black & White combo: