Friday, December 23, 2011

I Don't Know Why I Love Him.


Photographer : Petrovsky & Ramone 
Styling : Ferry Van Der Nat 
Hair : Hester Wernert 
Magazine : 2011 annual issue of Fiasco magazine.

He is so attractive. I don't know why i like him very much!?

hey, did you notice the wings head piece? do you think it is lovely and gorgeous? It is designed by Niels Peeraer. I think he is the UP COMING designer to hit the world! haha, that's what i guess and believe. He is cute in person too. i had a few chat with him before and i know that he is going to develop his own label on Leather Accessories in Asia. There are people order his designs in HK already. His works are so so cool. Let me introduce him to you in the next entry.

Fashion Calendar.

Maybelline 2012 Calendar Shots

hey, 2012 is coming! have you bought a new calendar and schedule book?? some people like to buy a functional one, some like to buy a fabulous one with many images. what is your preference? or you like to make one for yourself? it is a good idea.

lets have a look of the Maybelline 2012 Fashion Makeup Calendar! Glamourous Model with different makeups for each month. haha, gals, you dont need to doubt about your makeup for party although those makeup are for fashion shooting. Still, you can get the inspirations from this Calendar!! There are many themes in this calendar, for examples, DJ, Weather Woman, Nurse, Scientist, Singer, etc. so many choices for you to match with different outfits. Try your new make up from this Calendar in the Coming New Year!!!

i suggest you can make your own fashion calendar too! just like what i have done in university age. i had a styling project called 

"Being a talented fashion enthusiast, how can i be advertised by using a 12-month fashion calendar?"

therefore, i used a cape to dress in 4 seasons styles to do this styling project. Haha, here are my Styling Works... Dont laugh at me. Well, as i didnt have much time and i just focused on the styling shooting, so i just picked a simple calendar and pasted nearby. so please just focus on the cape styling!! haha