Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Monk Like No Others.



"The collections, which embrace a system of signs, symbols, and beliefs from their original homeland also comprise of tribal elements, local beliefs, and influences of different religions.” by Sadak, a Germany Brand.

Drapery, edgy, structural, bulk, these are not easy to design, and of cos not easy to carry. i can see something special in Sadak. Special cuttings and sturctures are put in the collection. The monk style jackets are absolutely gorgeous!!! Bulky top and light bottom styling is good!!in addition, the fashion graphic is really nice. The chinese painting added value to the monk style. i love this collection very much!!!

Same or New?



Client : Splash Fashions
Concept/Photography : Tejal Patni
Styling/Wardrobe : Kirsten Hermans
Hair/ Make up : Ginno Alducente
Model : Masha
Production Design : Andrew Del Rosario
Digital Retouching : Jomi Varghese

It is a good question, you would like to remain your life the same or give it an new beginning. In the Splash Fashion Calendar, you may find the answer. Photographer Tejal Patni Shot this Calendar which is inspired by B-movie sci-fi cliches. You can see things are familiar in our life but becoming robots, made of metal, futuristic. Of cos, they are fashionable, but do you want it in your future life? Do you like this fashion calendar?