Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets Have Fun in The Wonderland.

Dress Like A Man 
Fall/Winter 2012

Colorful and Playful Designs are always my favorite!!!! This collection by Dress Like A Man is definitely my love!!!!

The knitted items are just so delicate and adorable!!!! Especially those pants that made with different colors and different kinds of yarn. I also love the fancy pattern crash with colorful knits. although there is no special cutting in the collection, the patterns and colors are the main focus and good enough to represent the style!!!!

Elongate Your Top.

Fall/Winter 2012 

Short Top, Yes! Tunic, Yes Yes! Knee-Length Tunic, Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

can you notice that the length of mens top is kept elongating from waist to knee?? over-sized top and shirt is hot for man now!!! gogogo longer!!!!!!

Country Boy Next Door.


Fall/Winter 2012

Do you like vintage country style?? if you like that, you have to have a look of this brand. Vintage earth tone colors, Old Highland checks, Cork fake prints and Cork Accessories, are they your favorite?

To me, i am not quite interested in this collection because the color combinations and the checks patterns are not suitable for everyone and not easy to carry. Sometimes, they may make you look older than you are. Well, the cutting of this collection is normal and in a mescaline way, very menswear collection. what get my attention is the cork eyewear!!! it is lovely but still, hard to carry!!! hahahah