Friday, March 16, 2012

Look of The Day.

Hat : Marni x H&M
Puff Neck Quilted Jacket : Hyoma
Polka Dot Hand/Leg Warmer : Hyoma
Yellow Jersey Tunic : 2nd-hand Store
Pleated Checks Skirt : 2nd-hand Store
PU Leggings : Katie Judith
Patterned Socks and Platform Sandals : Hyoma
Two-Tone PVC Tote : Marni x H&M

Details Shots of the Outfit :

Marni x H&M hat + ASOS Sunglasses + Puff Neck

Neon Yellow Quilted Jacket + Yellow Tunic + Pleated Skirt

Polka Dot Hand/Leg Warmers

Marni x H&M Collection

Hyoma Pattern Socks