Monday, November 21, 2011

GuangZhou Day 2.

Day 2.

GuangZhou Morning.

Lomo Cameras with me in the trip.

Goelia 225 in GuangZhou

The Exhibitions in Goelia 225:

1. 悶C的小生活

2. 最近老公不在家

3. Exhibition about London and Mexico

Check out more about Goelia 225, it is really a nice gallery and place for relax.

The bEnsHoP+ above Goelia.

People can buy souvenir and have a cup of coffee there, have a nice afternoon at the roof. We took photos and relaxed there in the sunny afternoon.

Snapshots of the Colors and Patterns we wore.

After that we went to have desserts!!!!!

And did some sightseeings at night.

OMG!! must watch this. Elderly Dancing in the park!!! i joined them to dance together and the steps are very easy to follow!!! so funny!!!

 After a whole day walk, we create a little hot spring in the hotel and relax!!! and also mask!!!

Some daily Snapshots

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