Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am on Fire with Prada.

Prada Spring 2012 Shoes

see more from the Prada Spring 2012 runway shoots.

50's Hollywood Moives, Italian men's favorite stuffs: Women and Cars. Miuccia Prada put these on the Prada Spring 2012 Women Ready to Wear Collection. Iconic images: women, cars, fire flames, studs.

These makes me think of those old stuffs i wore when i was young!! i am sure you have the same experience with me when you were young!! haha, the Elvis Style!! Fire Flare Pants (火𤊿大喇叭)

also i think of a Movie, "Dream Girls". i love this movie very much and i have the soundtracks in my iphone. so memorable and the songs are damn nice!! i love musical movie very much. do you still remember a song called "Cadillac Car"? there are two versions in the movie, let me share with you!!


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