Thursday, December 15, 2011

Collage Art.

Collage Artworks 

by Eugenia

Eugenia is a designer and illustrator from Madrid, Spain. She has been working as on her own line, Eugenialejos.

Currently she mixes her passion for design with illustration. Last July in Porto, She presented their last show “You don´t need a computer to make a poster”.

Her name is associated with perfect finish with best quality fabrics. Exquisite creations of this designer are complemented by accessories as well as shoes designed and made by her. The minimalistic pieces are small scale artwork reinterpreting past and present culture with a depurated style. Installations, unique pieces and limited edition collections complete the label.

She graduated with honours (BA) in the High School of fashion in Burgos. The last year she specialized in fabrics, in ESAD IN Oporto with honours.

I do think that collage is a good method for designer who doesn't good at drawing and painting!!! just like me!!! but actually it is not easy to make a good collage cos it is all about the balancing between materials, proportion and colors. but practice makes perfect!!!

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