Friday, December 23, 2011

I Don't Know Why I Love Him.


Photographer : Petrovsky & Ramone 
Styling : Ferry Van Der Nat 
Hair : Hester Wernert 
Magazine : 2011 annual issue of Fiasco magazine.

He is so attractive. I don't know why i like him very much!?

hey, did you notice the wings head piece? do you think it is lovely and gorgeous? It is designed by Niels Peeraer. I think he is the UP COMING designer to hit the world! haha, that's what i guess and believe. He is cute in person too. i had a few chat with him before and i know that he is going to develop his own label on Leather Accessories in Asia. There are people order his designs in HK already. His works are so so cool. Let me introduce him to you in the next entry.

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