Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look of The Day.

Wool Bob Hat : H&M
Two-tone Maxi Cardigan : Katie Judith
Foil Coated Sweater : H&M
White Shirt : Muji
Equestrian Scarf Wrapping : Initial
Linen Shorts : Muji
Pattern Leggings : Katie Judith
Creeper : TUK
Leather Chiffon Clutch : Handmade

Detail Shots of the Outfit :

Accessories on hands:

Metal + Leather + Chains Cuff :

Equestrian Scarf Wrapping on Shorts and Foil Leggings :

Foil Coated Sweater on Equestrian Scarf :

Metal Plate Choker on White Shirt Collar and Foil Coated Sweater :

Two-tone Maxi Cardigan :

With Chiffon Blocking on sides :

Leather Chiffon Clutch and Wool Bob Hat :

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